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Zaxby’s Zensation Zalad

Zaxby’s Brings Back Fan Favorite Zensation Zalad

Zaxby’s is once again offering its wildly popular Zensation Zalad starting March 28, 2016. A craveable combination of Asian/Southern flavors and toppings, the Zensation Zalad is being featured as a limited time only item at all Zaxby’s locations.

The Zensation Zalad features fried Chicken Fingerz with mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots and crispy wonton strips, topped with Asian slaw and drizzled with a honey sesame glaze. Tying together salad perfection, the zalad is served with Citrus Vinaigrette dressing and a tasty veggie egg roll.

Appealing to a broad range of fast casual diners, the Zensation Zalad is a top choice for salad lovers looking for a unique option loaded with flavor. Over the years, the Zensation Zalad has appeared on the Zaxby’s menu as a limited time only option and continues to be one of the most requested items on social media from loyal fans.

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